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Stay in a Hostel Dorm

This is the easiest way to make friends while solo traveling. By living in such close quarters with other people, you basically have to socialize. Even if you don’t feel like starting a conversation, sooner or later, one of your dorm mates will start asking you the classic hostel questions such as “Where are you from? Where are you going? How long are you traveling?”, etc. These basic dorm room conversations are so common that they become tiring after a while. The good news is that they usually end up in a new hostel friendship.


这些天,有些人发现与亲自交朋友的朋友更容易。这完全很好。使用类似的网站Meetupor沙发冲浪to meet locals, fellow travelers, and expats. Post your travel plans on your personal social media accounts to see if anyone wants to meet up. Who knows, maybe a friend of a friend is in town. This way, you can arrange an activity or simple meet up with your new friends before you even arrive. You may even find a travel buddy.




a hostel dorm room


更多的帮助,看看我的向导:How to Choose the Best Hostel.在这里,我将旅馆分为12个类别,以帮助您选择每个城市中最好的旅馆。


These days, this is probably my favorite way to meet people in a new city. The main reason is that I get to spend time with a local rather than another tourist. The date becomes a legitimate cultural experience. Your date can show you some cool local spots and teach you the dating culture in their country. Also, you never know, you may even meet your soulmate.


You should take a few safety precautions while going out on a date in a foreign city. Meet in a public place like a park, cafe, restaurant, or bar for your date. Watch your drink so you don’t get drugged. You also have to watch your wallet. Occasionally a date may try to take advantage of you because they assume that you’re rich, as a traveler.

Have a Drink at the Hotel or Hostel Bar





A free walking tour in Prague

A free walking tour in Prague


如果您显得快乐和乐观,那么您结交朋友的机会会大大改善。尝试微笑并保持积极。人们自然会吸引积极的人。没有人愿意与不断负面并抱怨一切的人共度时光。不要成为黛比·唐纳(Debbie Downer)。

I struggle with this. I often experience depression, even while traveling. During these times, I find it harder to make friends due to my negative attitude. To remedy this, I use the ‘fake it till you make it method.’ Basically, I pretend to be friendly and happy. Eventually, I’ll make some friends and my mood will improve.

Ask Everyone in the Common Area if they Want to Join You in an Activity


This sounds kind of awkward while I’m writing this out but in reality, it’s not. If there are 5 people in the common room, chances are someone will take you up on the offer almost every time. Particularly if they are traveling alone.

Once, while I was sitting around a hostel common area in Quito wasting time on my phone, an English girl walked and loudly asked if anyone wanted to go for a walk. I didn’t have any plans so I decided to join her. We ended up having a nice afternoon taking photos and wandering around the city. After that, we went back to the hostel for dinner and a few drinks.

Share Your Food or Drinks



Buy a bag of fresh fruit and share it with fellow travelers in the hostel common area

You could also buy a 6 pack of beers and drink a couple in the common area. Offer other travelers a beer. It’s almost guaranteed that they’ll take you up on it. If someone’s giving out free beer, wouldn’t you want to make friends with them?


Unfortunately, your looks can have a major impact on your ability to make friends while traveling. For example, if you dress in all black and frown all the time, fellow travelers will be far less likely to strike up a conversation with you.



Many hostels offer free outings and activities like walking tours, pub crawls, dance lessons, barbecues, etc. Some hostels have a travel agency where you can book inexpensive day tours to see the major sites in the region.


a group of people on a hostel outing

Stay with a Local Host or Couchsurf

, Couchsurfing给你立即frie住宿nds in a new country. From the moment you arrive, you have somebody to talk to. Most hosts are happy to take you out and show you around their city. They’ll introduce you to their friends and family as well. They expect nothing in return but some good conversation. Of course, it’s nice to treat your host to a meal or a few drinks as a thank you.


旅行时,您花了无数小时闲逛buses, trains, planes,and ferries. This is a great opportunity to strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler. Many people would be happy to have a conversation to help pass the time. If you’re heading to the same destination, you can exchange contact info and meet up later.

在服用时从赫尔辛基到圣彼得堡的渡轮,I struck up a conversation with the guy I was sharing a cabin with. He turned out to be an interesting guy who worked in IT in St. Petersburg. When we arrived, he gave me a ride to my hostel and we enjoyed some coffee together.



Learn a Few Words of the Local Language




Maybe you want to study the local language or learn a new skill like cooking, diving, surfing, etc. Taking a class while traveling is a great way to learn something new as well as meet people with similar interests. When taking a class, you immediately have something to talk about with everyone involved. Chances are, you’ll spend time with your classmates after class as well.

我在泰国这样做。我一直想学会潜水,所以我在Koh Tao的一所潜水学校注册了开放水课程。白天,我和一小群人一起上了课,然后跳下去。在晚上,我们一起吃饭,喝了几杯酒。我们都住在同一宿舍。在大约10天的时间里,我结交了一些好朋友。

Look for a Club or Community of People with Similar Interests

Whatever your interest, chances are you can find a group of people with the same interest in most decent-sized cities. For example, maybe you like to ride bicycles like me. You can probably find a bike club in most any city. Rent a bike and join them for a ride. The same is true of surfing, rock climbing, chess, etc.


Sites likeWorkawayorwwoofallow you to work in exchange for food and housing. Opportunities like this exist all over the world. Farm and hostel work are probably the most common types of jobs available for travelers. You can stay anywhere from just a few days to months on end. It’s up to you and the host.


Volunteering works the same way. You spend your days working with a group of people with similar goals and interests to yourself. Chances are, you’ll build a quick friendship with the people working alongside you.

Ask Questions


People will almost always answer your questions out of kindness, even if they don’t want to talk. If you don’t make a new friend, at least you’ll learn something.



Remember, You Don’t Need to Meet People Everywhere You Go



能够独自享受一个地方也很重要,因为您不会在任何地方结交朋友。但是,我知道,人们比许多旅行目的地都能留下更持久的印象。必威betway App下载

A man hiking alone

Doing things alone is perfectly fine. You don’t have to constantly be meeting people while traveling if you don’t want to.



Chances are, you won’t stay in contact with the people that you meet during your trip for more than a few months after you return home. It’s still well worth putting in the effort. Even though the friendships may not last a lifetime, the memories will.


Final Thoughts: How to Meet People While Traveling Alone

To make friends while traveling, you have to put in a bit of effort. Once you get talking to someone, friendships form quickly.

If you’re about to head out on yourfirst solo tripand are worried about not being able to make friends, the best thing you can do is to stay in a social hostel and visit the bar. Even if you just sit there, you’ll meet people most of the time.

The best piece of advice that I can give about meeting people while traveling is to put in an effort to interact with locals. It’s easy to fall into a habit of just making friends with fellow travelers because you already have something in common with them.



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